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School Reunion : what would you plan ?
There's some really special thing about school days . And even more special feeling when an old school friend message after a long time "......pehchana" .
And you know the super awesome feeling is when we start talking and reliving that old school days with them via call or message.
So whenever I think about our reunion I have never ever imagined a super classy location .
I want to reunite with them in that same school. (This is the feeling )
I never imagined a restaurant .
I always think about our canteen or where we have our lunch during break.
I never imagined some mouth watering delicious dishes .
I always think about that paties and creamroll that we could afford at that time.
I never imagined of sitting in Ac's and gossiping about old days .
But vist that same place where actually things happen.
I never imagined of playing thing in the hotel.
I always think of playing again in that playground.
Never imagined selfies but some candids !
This is my version of pure happiness !
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