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Solitaire - A young woman's dream?
I am on my facebook page staring with my mouth slightly open at one of my friend39s glittering solitaire on her hand. Yes, she is enaged indeed. Thats what the solitaires tell the world and you, That your are going to get married. Personally i am not a big fan of big fat weddings but a big fat solaitaire on my hand.A small one perhaps,mothing that would attract much attention. People have this inhibition that the more big the soliatire is perhaps that equals to the love. How about poor people who do not have any money to spend Or even the next door guy and the girl who would rather save the money Or people just like me who do not want unnecessary attention For a man it might mean to claim a woman and show it to others that this woman is off limits. Yes, we all know how men like to soothe their egos. The women just like to show off their big diamonds on their fingers. As soon as you have that ring on your finger. How do you announce your engagement Go to your friends and just shove your hands in front of their face till they see it sparkle. And just then you see that sparkle reflect in the women39s eyes. Some of them with happiness and some with envy. Women are envious creatures, we all know that. And that is just the fun about it. Some women might take it as the biggest romantic gesture. Afterall, they do say that a diamond is a girlrsquos best friend. But is it completely true I dont think so. Maybe for some women. Every women dreams of getting a soliitaire but how much A perfect husband or a solitaire I think the choice would be. An imperfect husband with a huge solitaire. Because perfect husbands do not exist and solitaires do. Thats what a realistic person would say. In todayrsquos world, the solitaire is more of a symbol of wealth and status rather than love. When you see a diamond you see the wealth. Otherwise why would women question their husband or fiance if they really loved them when they see a solitaire on their friends hand If it is that way then why should not men wear big flashy rings Love should be distributed equally between partners. That is what marriage is all about. A constituion that stands on equal love, commitment and trust. On the other hand, ask a simple woman who is not so materialistic and she might say it doesnt matter as long as she is happy and satisfied. Satisfaction is what we all need in our life. Some people find it in simple and small things and some find it in big and flashy things. Thats what it comes down to ndash a solitaire will have a different meaning for every person. For a man, it might be a gesture of love or commitment. For another it might mean a symbol of status or wealth. For a woman, it might mean a dream come true. Or a sign she has bagged a rich husband. Or that her fiance is afterall giving her what she deserves - A Happy Beginning.

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