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Working as a Site Engineer in Larsen & Toubro Ltd. at Rural Elictrification Project in B.R.G.F. Scheme at Murshidabad (W. B.) Site, Engineer for Two Blocks (Farakka Zone), looking month wise village completion Planning, materials requirement planning, looking overall technical part of erection of 11KV line, LT line, DTR. & service connection, Prepare GPS drawings with AUTO-CAD. Prepare Subcontractors Billing.
• Implementation of Route Survey with the help of GPS System and Manual also.
• Finalization of BOQ.
• Material reconciliation.
• Billing of Sub-Contractors and vendors.
• Necessary approval from clients.
• Approval drawing from clients.
• Charging of consumer (as per survey).
• Village completion.
Execution & Inspection of works such as 11KV/440V Transformers, Pole erection (11KV & LT Line), Stringing
Of Conductor (11KV & LT Line), BPL Service Connection and handing over the Site after testing, charging and Commissioning etc.

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