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Freelancing Vs being an Employee, What's Better?
Be an employee and keep freelancing side by side will be the safest option. Freelancing doesn't pay much if you are a fresher and your skill sets are limited, there can be time when you would get zero or limited work.

Part time jobs can be great, but Beware! there are the times when your experience may be rejected on part-time grounds.

Freelancing too will act as an experience only in a particular field. For example, if you are a freelancer robotics architect, then for sure companies like Greyorange, Fanuc, Gridbots may welcome you, but if your skill sets are limited, companies will not pay much. So keep skill set sharp, choose a field and keep working, have an alternative either job or freelancing.

The world is moving towards work-from-home and jobs-for-contract, but still don't opt freelancing just because it's an easy catch. Freelancing makes you independent, but for sure! it comes with its own risk.

Good Luck!

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