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Content Writing, is it just about Writing!?
Content Writing is a field, full of competition and good content writers are always in demand. To be a good content writer it's very important to be a good reader. Here are some basics of content writing:
1) Avoid too much technical words, remember the very purpose of writing a content is to promote a website or a business 'indirectly' or 'directly'. Something that can be easily understood, is helpful for people belonging to 'off field' as well as 'on-field', both the types of people can be potential customer for a business. So, keep text simple.

2) Keep language interactive, trend in content writing changes from time to time, being interactive helps a reader to stay connected to the content, this is its biggest strength.

3) Include keywords that are often searched and provide backlinks to your business website, the former is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization, say someone is searching for best birthday gifts, and you are writing for a toy shop, then keywords like best, gifts, birthday, anniversary, beautiful etc must be included, as they are most likely to be searched, one can also include entire phrase "best birthday gifts".

Remember it is not only about writing a content, it's about the impact your content makes on the business for which you are writing.

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