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Feeling tensed..?
Don’t worry, read further….

Whenever you feel under tension or stress, remember that you are not made for that. Devil (tension, anxiety, depression, etc.) arrives to you when you feel a lack in confidence, lack in self believe, jealousy, loneliness, etc.

Mental stress comes when any problem occurs, but the problem is the opportunity to change yourself. Remember that being sad will not going to work for you but being happy will open the door of opportunity whether you are
having any problem or not.

Don’t be the prisoner of past be present, say bye bye to overthinking about any.

If you are able to find any solution of the problem then go for it. If you are not enough capable to solve the problem so why are you worrying?

Believe in yourself that no matter how hard circumstances goes I’m going to change this environment. Do whatever makes you happy, don’t get bothered by criticism.

Practice meditation, surround yourself with people who encourage you, only happiness should lies into you instead of various devils.

Make yourself deeply engaged in what makes you happy and read books, go for adventures, take
risks(calculated risks).

Minding your own business can reduce upcoming unnecessary stresses upto considerable limits. Don’t go in others matters until you are asked about the same.

Accept the situation if you can’t change it. Try your best but still situation is out of control, take small measures to reduce the negative effect of situation upto a limited extent.

|Mental stress is nothing, it just a complete loss of imagination

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