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All of the engineering disciplines offer a good income at various times in various places.Without Engineering you cant enter into big companies.You are feeling that engineering subjects and syllabus is not relevent to you.That is not true.The syllabus which are all have very depth concepts so only you feel ike this.One should keep him/her strong in any of their interested subject and search the companies related to your subject.First you have to know what you are going to doI mean your platform.Decide wheather you want to go in lecture or developing side or field work. Therfore I will tell thatEngineering is a good choice for people who like optimization problems, and people who like working on important problems. The modern world is driven by engineering innovation. Why do we have clean water freely available Because an engineer came up with a way to purify it. Why do we have vehicles that transport you across continents in a few hours Because an engineer came up with a way to make it fly.

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