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our education system in engineering colleges
our education system in india in some of private universities are not upto the mark. The teaching is not so good the practical which each student should get he does not due some poor efforts by students themsevelses. Today most of the universities students are going in directioni.e they would to take parts in variuos programmes excluding techinial skills, apritute skills communication skills stage daring. This all are basic factors which a students need his education which he uses in his proffesional career. all that i have to say that we need to focus on better engineer resources to improve a student ability to focus on all above factor so that it will helfull for this in his proffesional career and for that institutes must take somr huge step to improve thier technical knowledge and other skills properly, so that will learn to survive in corporate woild and they wouln39t fear. IN upcoming days, our education system especially in engineer filed should improve in order to tackle with industrial market. thanks

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