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Vendor On Boarding application is invoked whenever a new or existing domestic merchandised vendor starts its relationship with SHC. There is process which needs to be followed to successfully on-board this vendor. Vendor On Boarding Application simplifies that process and streamlines the collection of vendor details as well as touching the legal aspects of this association. The system is also invoked when the business needs to make changes to an existing vendor. In the context of VOB, this will appear as a new vendor, as uniqueness only exists at the workflow level.
Any domestic merchandised vendor before it starts its association with SHC has to agree to certain terms and conditions which would define the relationship between Sears and that vendor. VOB application is used to send invites to this vendor and asks them to fill certain details about and also asks them to agree to certain terms and conditions. Once the process is complete, this vendor is said to successfully on boarded.
The important stakeholders would be SHC associate and different vendors which are to be on boarded.

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