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The Story Behind Youth4work
"Youth4work" is a concept that will change the way early recruitment happens in india. Instead of saying that it is my brainchild, I would like to say that the ideas origin was by me but in its current form it had evolved by me, youth4work's team and more importantly our consumers, the youth and the companies.
Why youth4work.. As a student in college I realized that I had time, I assumed that I was talented enough to actually make some real world contribution and actual work, and I thought I could deliver if given a chance. I wanted to work on different areas too and see what is the ground realities of work, probably a real world assignment rather than just the theories being preached.
Being a Manufacturing Engg. Student I actually came across a relatives companies working on a foundry and could advice on the change in the way they are casting. This small change enabled them to save lacs per month. In my first job for a big corporate, Mahindra. I realized big companies were hiring in bulk from campus but they had no mechanism to actually gauge the true talent of a youth and give them a department accordingly. This left huge void and dissatisfaction with the new employees, they were dissatisfied and left jobs early. On the other hand, I was sure if give the right work profile, they would love to work and actually grow themselves and the company. Example- say a company like Infosys hires 1000's of college students but they actually do not have a real mechanism to judge whether the true interests lies in say .NET or java etc. etc. , Each and every fresher resume seems the same, and assuming that anyone can judge a persons and career path on a few minutes interview/tests is equivalent to assuming you are god. If you have actually interviewed freshers for hiring and seen how they perform, you will exactly know what I am talking about.
In my second role, as a Mahindra start-up I realized that some of the interns could really out-perform some of the good employees I had and I would be willing to pay them good stipend and would like to hire them. In my first start-up which was into ambient advertising and marketing, Jagbros Pvt. Ltd., I realized 2 major things .
1. As a small companies you are looking for diverse skill set and talents for the 100 of task you had. That could be from a simple logo/stationary designs, to Intial websites, to market research, to Sales and marketing activities, to probably a technical research, to architecture design etc. etc. . The challenge being You cannot even think about hiring a professional for the same. You are basically looking for best talent and the lowest possible cost.
2. As a Small companies.. it is the biggest challenge to hire talent. I can bet any start-up in its intial days has hiring a team as its top most priority and everyone is clueless about the same. How can you really find and reach out to the best talent. Trust me spending weeks in searching, scanning, coordinating with thousands of resumes can still leave you with no results and a bad resource as an option to hire. The whole process of early stage recruitment is highly frustrating, inefficient and needs to change. Probably if you sum up the experiences above You can clearly see that there is Potential in the Students in colleges and universities. There is a clear need for companies to find talent based on "Talent" not by degrees that people have or the jobs that they apply too. Building and Hiring people based on their "Assessed proffessional Profile" is something that i think is the need of the future.

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