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The Concept and Need of Youth4work for Employees and Employers
The need of Youth4work is actually ingrained and sub consciously present in each Youth from college or in his/her first job. And the importance is known to each and every employer hiring fresh talent. Ask a few questions to yourself and probably you will know what we are talking about Or what you already know.

Ask a Youth in college:
a. Do you have a talent Do you think you can really contribute on that area
b. If provided a platform, will you really like to prove your mettle in the area of your interest Strive and pursue the talent you think you have and actually love the work and gain benefits/ career opportunities in that area
c. Do you think the real world education is more valuable than theoretical The work opportunities that comes along are not the ones which match your talent

Ask an employee in his/her first job:
a. Does the picture of work or brand seen before joining and the work expectations really match the talents I have
b. Would you like to pursue a brand or a job which you landed up in and does not really match the interest and your potential , just because of the brand or pay
c. What would you do to find the WORK of your interest and talent rather than just a job
Ask an employer-
a. How many times did you think that the talents you perceived on a 15 min. discussion or the a resume was wrong You have taken a fresher for a job profile that does not match their talents
b.How difficult it is to even do a basic filtering, based on a resume of a fresher
c. How many youth employed love the work assigned, are suited for it and more importantly retained
d. Would you like a mechanism where you could see the actually work potential, real talents and potential of a youth before even calling them for an interview
e. Is the actual work the best mechanism to measure talent or some kind of psychometric or paper test If you probably ask yourself these questions. You will understand that their his huge talent mis-match that exists.

On one side there are millions of youth who have talents that never gets surfaced, land up on a job that really does not match their talents and crudely speaking crib for years on the job which actually occupies most of their lives. On the other side you will understand that the process of recruiting fresher has a serious error and is ineffective globally. And come to think of it employers actually do not have a clue to gauge the right talent, a person having a graduation in English might not really be apt for a writing career or lack the basic writing skills. Employers spend huge amount of money and time to train graduates and post graduates again after joining. Do you realize that company like Infosys trains MCA students again for a period of over 6 months on the language and computer skills which were supposedly part of their education. Come to think of it , 30 lacs youth pass out of college each year, 70 of them leave their first jobs in 2 years. If well matched, the productivity increase, the happiness quotient increase could be huge. If we talk about nos. - Globally students earn while they are in college. The potential of youth in Indian colleges, earning by doing part time freelance work is over 24000 Cr. , which is still not even tapped or thought about. - A person productivity would increase many times if made to do a work that they love. Imagine the impact right early recruitment mechanism can make to the world. - there are over 30 lacs students graduating and searching for jobs each year. Crowd recruitment can positively impact companies and youth, immensely.

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