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As a founder It is my job to go after top publications, blogs journalist to cover my startup once in a while. I have spent many hours in researching , submitting forms , following on twitter or other social media , on reading what to send etc. etc. etc. My take is what essentially it comes down to is that you need to send an email mostly personalized a little bit to all the relevant Journalist. I think being part of the startup eco system in india, i would like to help other entrepreneurs and build the one place where all relevant blogs, email ids of startup journalists are available. Would request you to help me to correct/add/modify this list for helping out our peers. Help Sharing it to the ones that might need. Contact me at -rachit.jain at Youth4work.com Disclosure I do not believe that putting an email list in one place always invites spam i have taken necessary precautions for not easy scraping . But i think sending out email is the main and most viable way , a necessary and unavoidable evil. And to an extent both journalists and entrepreneurs are on the look out to get good tips and reach out to relevant people for news. Publications Techcrunch.com The biggest and probably the most valued tech news coverage you can ever get. Very difficult to get even a response from them though J Emails Tips at Techcrunch.comAlex Wilhelm alexkaiserwilhelm at gmail.com Alexia Tsotsis alexia at techcrunch.com Anthony Ha anthonyha at techcrunch.com Billy Gallagher billy at techcrunch.com Cat Zakrzewski cat at techcrunch.com Catherine Shu shu at techcrunch.com Colleen Taylor colleen at techcrunch.com Danny Crichton danny at techcrunch.com Darrell Etherington darrell at techcrunch.com Frederic Lardinois frederic at techcrunch.com Greg Kumparak greg at techcrunch.com Ingrid Lunden ingrid at techcrunch.com John Biggs john at techcrunch.com Jonathan Shieber shieber at techcrunch.com Jordan Crook jordan at techcrunch.com Julian Chokkattu julian at techcrunch.com Kim-Mai Cutler kim at techcrunch.com Kyle Russell kyle at techcrunch.com Matt Burns matt at techcrunch.com Matthew Panzarino matthew at techcrunch.com Mike Butcher mikebutcher at techcrunch.com Natasha Lomas natasha at techcrunch.com Romain Dillet romain at techcrunch.com Ron Miller ron at techcrunch.com Ryan Lawler ryan at techcrunch.com Sarah Buhr sarah.buhr at techcrunch.com Sarah Perez sarahp at techcrunch.com Steve OrsquoHear steveohear at techcrunch.com Reproduced from - http//techcrunch.com/2014/07/14/please-dont-spam-us/ Medianama.com releases AT medianama DOT com nikhilATmedianamaDOTcom Reproduced from http//www.medianama.com/about/ Yourstory.com Shradha Sharma info at yourstory.com Shradha Sharma shradha at yourstory.com Nextbigwhat.com Ashish Sinha ashish at nextbigwhat.com Jayadevan P Kv jayadevan at nextbigwhat.com editors at NextBigWhat.com vccircle.com Editor Publisher Sahad P.V. sahad at vccircle.com The TC Editorial Team Vivek Sinha vivek.sinha at vccircle.com ndash Executive Editor Shrija Agrawal shrija at vccircle.com ndash Managing Editor Joby P Johnson joby.pj at vccircle.com ndash Senior News Editor Anand Rai anand.rai at vccircle.com ndash Assistant Editor Sainul Abudheen sainul at vccircle.com ndash Principal Correspondent Shruti Ambawat shruti.ambavat at vccircle.com ndash Principal Correspondent Anuradha Verma anuradha.verma at vccircle.com ndash Senior Correspondent Diksha Dutta diksha.dutta at vccircle.com ndash Senior Correspondent Lohit Jagwani lohit.jagwani at vccircle.com ndash Senior Correspondent Nikita Peer nikita.peer at vccircle.com ndash Senior Correspondent Bhawna Gupta bhawna at vccircle.com ndash Correspondent Swet Sarika swet.sarkia at vccircle.com ndash Correspondent Jasleen Kaur Batra jasleen.kaur at vccircle.com ndash Correspondent Priyam Singh priyam.singh at vccircle.com ndash Editorial Assistant Reproduced from - http//techcircle.vccircle.com/about-us/ Techinasia.com editorsattechinasia.com Reproduced from - http//www.techinasia.com/contact-us/ Indianweb2.com contact at indianweb2 dot com Reproduced from http//www.indianweb2.com/contact-us/ socialsamosa.com contact at socialsamosa.com content at socialsamosa.com Ref http//www.socialsamosa.com/contact/ Trak.in arun-at-armoks-dot-com Ref http//trak.in/about-trakin-india-business-buzz-about-me/ Iamwire.com editor at iamwire.com abhinav.dinesh at iamwire.com ref http//www.iamwire.com/about-us/ gigaom.com news at gigaom.com ref http//about.gigaom.com/contact-us/
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