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Stop ‘finding’ the job, let the job find you
How do I find a good job? Can you help me find a job? I am looking for a good opportunity, can you help me?
I hear these questions almost every day. As a founder, the more I deal with the volume of over 200,000 job seekers and 6,000 employers, the more I am convinced that the above questions are wrong.

Here’s the right question for a job seeker: How does the employer find me? In the real world, employers are finding it harder to get hold of the right person. Consider this –
- A job seeker has, say 20 jobs, to apply on. For an employer, there are hundreds of applications that need to be seeped through for one position.
- For a job seeker, an application process generally revolves around submitting the same resume or profile to hundreds of application systems and job openings. For an employer, the task is to essentially seep through hundreds of applicants coming in, read and makes sense of resumes that come in various formats, shortlist some, gauge their worthiness and then schedule interviews.

It may look like finding a job is tough, you will realize finding the right talent is tougher. So stop asking – how do I find a job? Instead start focussing on – how does the employer consider me for his job?

How will an employer find you?
Emphasize on these two questions again and empathize with the employer-

a. What is it that the employer is searching?
b. How does he find me in his quest?

The employer search question
Take an example. If an employer is trying to hire a software developer, the skills required are say PHP and MySQL. What information would he need?

If you ask me (as an employer), I would like to know who are the top PHP developers having MySQL skills, actively searching for jobs in my city. I would probably pick top 100 guys and connect with them to explain my job and my company, gauge their interest in joining and schedule an interview.
As an employer, I really do not want to post a job on job boards which will get me 1000's of resumes. Instead, I would want to know which candidates have the skills I require and who is the best among them. But would I be able to gauge this from the candidates’ resume? Of course not.

Understanding the employer psyche

No employer wishes to waste time and energy in shortlisting. He or she usually just wants to have a limited set of choices of people who are legitimately fit for the job and are actively searching for a change. That’s all employers need to be able to communicate with the candidates.

Rest of the part, they will figure out in an interview or their internal process. Finding, screening and scheduling the right people for the interview are bigger tasks for employers.

Why else would employers shell out huge consultancy fees (Rs 5-8 lakh of CTC) to HR consultants just to schedule interviews? Trust me they are no fools, and they pay only when they know these consultants can add a better value worth every penny.

The how-do-they-find-me question
Mostly, the answer to this question seems to be - create an awesome resume, highlight skills etc. I daresay this is a traditional approach especially in a world of technology. Today, floating resumes to multiple jobs is as easy as a single click of a button, resulting in employer’s Inbox flooding with resumes.

Now the challenge is how to make your resume stand out enough that your prospective employer views it.

Recall the example of a software developer job demanding PHP and MySQL. I do not think having a perfect word file and resume for this job will improve your chances of it being viewed. Employers want a standard format of profiles and they want to have some kind of metric/assessment of the real talents and interests of job seekers.

That is exactly what we do at Youth4work. Any employer can find 'Pre-assessed job seekers' tested and ranked on their skills via ' talent boards'. Employers can easily find the profiles of people with the skills that their job requires and contact the top few for their job.

Become a top ranker at Youth4Work

As a job seeker, you should build your profile at Youth4Work, I recommend you to take free online talent tests and stay as a top ranker. Add projects and tasks such as blogs, work portfolios, college project details, codes you wrote, any graphic design work etc. This would showcase sincerity in your application.
At Youth4work, we reward such pro-active candidates with ranking.
Verifying your profile and getting recommendations from your friends improve your ' talent profile '. The transparency of the system lets you know who viewed your profile, when and where.

Completely filled profiles get calls

You will be surprised about the number of calls completely filled profiles get. Employers love this method of searching since it improves their efficiency and cuts down the screening process to highlight the top relevant people. They can immediately proceed to a direct communication with these candidates now. Our statistics and growth are proof that 6,000 employers around the world are finding this process reasonable.

Lastly, keep improving your public work profile at Youth4work, and increase your chances of employers finding you.
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