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Smart data to assess human skills
Can talent be quantified? A candidate, apart from being a developer, a writer or a doctor, is also a human with emotions. How can skills that relate directly to human emotions be quantified? Skills such as communication, anger management or even sincerity.

I am no fan of quantification of human emotions. However, I do want to find innovative ways to rate the existence of these emotions in a recruitment setting. But first, let’s understand how we are communicating these days.
The rise of internet has given a democratic access of information to everyone. Add social networking to this access and you have a world that’s expressing a lot. Introverts are shouting out on Facebook posts, common people are challenging politicians on Twitter. Behind these is a the age-old human need of expression of emotion.
These platforms have thus become an authentic source of human emotion – meaning humans recommending things to each other. So when you buy, say a phone online, you also read reviews apart from product features. It’s the human recommendation that cuts through the jargon of technical product features, isn’t it?

Talent board v/s job boards
Here’s what I observed even during the complex process of recruitment. As a recruiter, I do not want to be flooded with resumes from a job board like Naukri listing non-human or mechanical skills like years of experience, this degree, that course. In fact, I don’t even want to look at thousands of Linked-in profiles for shortlisting people. What I am looking for are the people who are actively searching jobs in the job position offered and are able to show some passion towards it. So, if I want a Magento expert, I want to see active job seekers on The Talent Board of Magento in order to shortlist.
We at www.youth4work.com worked on creating smart data by building a talent board instead of a job board. We have talent profiles of 650k youth across 7,000 colleges. Interestingly, in order to build this smart data, we had to interact, create and test people at a very human level. That’s how we combined the human element with data, thereby creating a smart data pool of talent.

Take for instance, a candidate is advised to take at least 3 yTests and 2 yChallenges. He or she is encouraged to create one yChallenge with 15 questions and invite friends to take up the challenge. This simple exercise shows enthusiasm of a person to take up challenges and initiatives. Our team is able to gauge the pro-activeness of a candidate when he/she participates in discussions and comments. When a candidate tries to guess and understand his/her rank on talent boards (based on tests taken), we are able to gauge the sincerity levels.

Such algorithms give us exceptional insights into a candidate’s skills, attitude, pro-activeness and sincerity. And this is the kind of smart data that, I strongly believe, is the future of recruitment.

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