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A great test algorithm truly challenges you, and exposes your strengths
You do remember that old school math question joke, don’t you? No? Here you go: two trains are intersecting each other, there are two men standing opposite the trains. One man is facing North. What’s the age of the two men?

Not that our aptitude tests can be compared to this joke, but they do sometimes sound too far-fetched in terms of assessing the true talent of a candidate. Some food for thought: what’s the exact objective of an aptitude test? If you look closely, you will realize a lot of these tests end up highlighting what a candidate DOES NOT know instead of what he DOES know. How will an employer truly know what a prospect is good at if the former is widely aware of the latter’s weaknesses?

Take for example, how can a company looking for hiring a good coder with PHP experience really gauge this skill? The answer should be more obvious than it really is in real life. But what actually happens is a standard test paper which is taken by Java experts and PHP experts, communication experts, marketing experts and so on followed by a group discussion and an interview.

The yRank Algo
So when we set out to hunt for real talent, we made the process of identifying the best talent a whole lot simpler – more real and more global. Youth4work introduced, what we termed – yRank Algo (Patent pending). Never mind the complications and processes we went through to create this algorithm, we succeeded in making it a simple mechanism to determine the talent rank of a each person. This rank is based on the real work proof on the projects undertaken by the candidate. Moreover, there are so many community features that easily determine the various traits of a person based on his active participation in forums, his profile completeness, the actual need and so on. This algorithm reads and understands the behaviour of the candidate through the various checklists that he needs to fulfil in order to become a star candidate. But the one smart test that seals the deal for the candidate’s challenge is the Y-Test.

How does Y-test determine talent?
YTests are based on adaptive technology which identifies your talent level and gives you the right challenging questions. Every question is a multiple choice. You will never get the same question twice. That means, questions evolve based on your answers. If you answer a moderate level question, you get a more difficult level question next. What’s the secret sauce for this algo? Our nerdy team has a thing for creating an environment of real-time competition between each question and each test-taker. How fun is that?

The algorithm is continuously learning from youth interactions and getting talented about how to rank each question and each user. The Scores are on a scale of 0 to 100. Your score reflects how you rank against other people who have taken the same Talent Test. Thus, if you score of 78 for Talent PHP means that your talent is somewhere around 78 on a scale of 100 amongst all people tested for PHP. What my Score says works on the principles of game mechanics. The numeric scoring method is based on Glicko, the same system used to score chess masters and even Xbox. Each question is a game with a question being your opponent based on your talent ratings. If you nail a tougher question, your ratings improve a lot, but if you lose with a very hard question, your ratings change slightly.

Do you see now how these adaptive questions and mechanism of rating become more realistic and personalized for each candidate? Youth4work is all about that – treating each candidate as he truly is – unique. Isn’t this what most employers are looking for anyway?

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