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At Youth4work, we cover much more than one aspect and need of the end user and hence there can be multiple stories and angles which we can share and can be on news for. Essentially we are making serious impacts on Assessed Profiling Where at youth4work we are building Assessed professional profiles of people i.e. everyone with 0-8 yrs work exp. where they build an online presence for the world and employers to find them and connect with them.

Colleges In India We have an active community of students Alumni bound to each other via there colleges. We impact how the college management assesses its students and help them grow. Disrupting the Recruiting practices and how people find jobs. Providing Insights We build a Global ranking via using the basic principal of competition and mixing it with most advanced technological algorithms to assess and rank people for their skills. Thus, impacting the way employers find talented individuals.

The yRank principal allows people assess and self actualize their own strengths and weakness in a particular skills. Some Possible Story Lines How as a Startup we have grown exponentially Revolving around how we grew our userbase which was about 30,000 users in Jan-13 to current nos. seen on home page Our reach to thousands of college students and impact on lsquoCommunity educationrsquo Around, how we have reached thousands of colleges across India and each college is building its profile for admission seekers aswell as company looking for hiring. Students share college news, build professional profiles and most importantly share Study Materials.. The evolution of recruiting practice The way Assessed profiles helps recruiters source best people faster and more intelligently.

How self assessment and building an online profile is the now lsquothe resumersquo that youth should build and how it works for helping them find the right jobs for them for their true talents. Conventional emailing of resume is passe.. how youth is building their profiles at youth4work and can apply for the job just by sending their unique url. Check your own public profile for reference. public profile link can be seen in your youth4work profile page, how video resume and talent matrix helps match best talent. You can refer to the 39find talent39 tab at the bottom to know abt talents.

Insights on Job Market and Market We capture very crucial data of huge no. of job seekers and jobs and that can be used for building insights on the job market. You can see and analyzedetailed insights by making relevant serachesfor jobs and looking at 39Youth4work insights39 Example - check Youth4work insightsfor PHP jobs in Delhiunders insights here http//www.cos.youth4work.com/Jobs/work-in-delhi-for-php

Check some of our Previous media coverage here - http//www.youth4work.com/MediaPage/MediaCoverage http//yourstory.com/2014/04/youth4work/ Understand Youth4work Our Blogs http//www.youth4work.com/yx/Youth4work http//www.youth4work.com/yx/Youth4work-Features Our Products and Services Decks http//www.slideshare.net/youth4work List of PR journalists for startups Please add to that list http//www.youth4work.com/y/rachit/Rachit-Jain-blog/1826-Getting-PR-for-Startup-Top-startup-blo Attaching the Logo and some previous PRrsquos of Youth4work for reference.
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