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A problem solver belifes..
An effective problem solver has a set of indispensable beliefs and convictions that direct and propel their thoughts, actions and daily behaviors. These beliefs are so deeply ingrained into their psyche that it would take the force and willpower of the entire world to shake these feeling of certainty. Beliefs are opinions that we have about things, ourselves, others and the world around us that are injected with an undeniable sense of certainty. Lets now take a look at a handful of beliefs that are critical for effective problem solving There is no failure, only feedback. An effective problem solver believes that outcomes bring with them no failure, but rather only feedback. This feedback must be used as a source of knowledge, insight and inspiration to help enhance the decision-making process. There is a way to make this work. An effective problem solver believes that there is always a way to make things work. They may not see the solution at this very moment, however with a little persistence they wholeheartedly believe that they will eventually reach a satisfactory outcome. Choice is better than no choice. An effective problem solver believes that it is better to have more choices than to be limited by the choices that one has. As such, they always strive to expand the possibilities, to expand the opportunities and avenues for answers allowing for as many choices as possible to further their understanding of the problem. Success can be modeled. An effective problem solver believes that successful problem solving can be modeled. As such, they consistently seek out other people who have successfully overcome similar problems and they attempt to model their thinking, decisions and actions in a meticulous way. This helps them to overcome the obstacles and challenges in their own life. Curiosity expands opportunities and possibilities. An effective problem solver believes that one must be curious at all times if one desires to spot the opportunities and possibilities that lie along ones path. Curiosity is an endearing characteristic that helps expand creativity, intelligence and ones ability to think under pressure.

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