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The definition of success ...!! by Rahil mujahid
DO you know definition of success ?
What does it mean ?
What does it take to be successful ?

You know what ......... !! No one can define success in one sentence as success means different things to different people .

Success in my life means absolutely different from someone else's life.
That's where all of us differ ! That's what is being unique !

So, each ones success depends on their thinking,their goals and what they want out of their lives.

What is your success destination?
Where do you want to see yourself after 5 to 10 years from now ?

For many, Success is procuring a job in an MNC, for some, success is getting a job at a powerful position, and for some, simply making a lot of money !!.... is n't it ?

You know why anyone wants success ? because they attach happiness with their idea of success !
I urge you to think of a larger picture of your life,where your happiness is not dependent on anything outside of yourself. one has to be happy and confident with oneself !


For all of us success "spells" differently but factors making us happy are common to all.....!!

Tell me how do you feel when I say the words !!


I'm sure we all strive for these things in our own way and you know what...All of us are unique, free to moved ourselves to be happy and positive, that's what makes us attractive. because we are not scared to be ourselves !

Don't compare yourself with others, compare your today with your yesterday.

Strive to be better you everyday.
Break your own records.
Make your own goals.

I'm sure you'll all become the best version of yourself !! :)

Photography and edited by :- (RAHIL MUJAHID)

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