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RDay 2018 & ASEAN Leaders
India welcomes ASEAN leaders and all are welcomed as chief guests at R-Day. As only one member can be a chief guest for this landmark glittering show but 10 ASEAN country's leader has sighted the event. where India has shown its military might and cultural diversity. It's really been a magical and great diplomatic move by India.

Which once again reflects India's friendly and cooperative nature to all the world. Indian PM Narendra Modi Ji will also make a huge impact through the leadership arena in the world. As recently PM Modi participates in WEF in Davos and world incepts the open invitation of Indian economy towards investment and feels the opportunity which will definitely create some milestones in nearby future. This event can be marked as a great piece of praise.

The India-ASEAN Commemorative Summit is expected to give boosts to India-ASEAN cooperation in key areas of counter-terrorism, security, peace, education, job opportunities, scientific activities, health, tourism, and connectivity.

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