Patna, , India
English Language, Radio Frequency Engineer, Autocad
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•Site Audit, New Site Drive Test, BTS swap ,BTS INSOLATION, Route Drive Test, Data Drive Test, Dence drive, Pre and Post Drive.
•Performing Site Audit.
•Drives test the Site for Call Origination Test, Hand over test & Coverage test.
•Ext;ensive routine drive test to look for patches with bad quality and poor coverage and subsequent proposal of new sites or optimization of serving sites.
•Generating reports from the log files to analyze the Radio Parameters like RSRP, RSRQ,SINR, RX-Level, RX-Quality, SQI, BER, C/I, MS Power Control level, etc.
•To find the causes of the call drops blocked calls, handover failures, excessive handovers, poor quality, poor C/I etc.
•Worked on Data Drive for testing speed on LTE, EDGE and GPRS.

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