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Cardiovascular disorders are the leading cause of disease burden worldwide.Amongst these, dyslipidemia, hypertension and endothelial dysfunction are the major culprits affecting humankind. Available pharmacological agents are expensive with multiple side-effects.and require their life-long use, hence, the patient compliance and the cost-effectiveness are the major issues.Hypertension possess different etiological and pathological origin, no single drug can able to effectively control the condition.Hence in the proposed study, we have selected different plants, which are already reported to possess hypotensive or anti-hypertensive effect individually and act through a different mechanism.
Rational of study
• To make and evaluate the polyherbal formulation.
• According to the chemical constituents present in the plants and based on traditional claim the polyherbal formulation show antihypertensive and diuretic activity.
• The active phytochemical constituents of individual plants are insufficient to achieve the desirable therapeutic effects. When combining the multiple herbs in a particular ratio, it give a better therapeutic effect.
• To formulate the suitable suspension dosage form of the five herbs powder extract according to effective dose.

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