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Real Estate in Collingwood, Ontario
Tired with your daily hectic schedule? If so, Collingwood, Ontario is the pre-eminent destination. Collingwood,Ontario is a sprightly wonderful town , which is disembarked at one of the most soothing places, near the Georgian Bay. It being located right at the foot of the Blue Mountain, which infact turns out to be one of the best , calm and refreshing tourist destinations, all around the world. It's location provides it an extra efficiency in terms of sight-seeing, other avocations such as snowshoeing, skiing and hiking, and tons of other tourist parameters. The shipping hub of Ontario, serves to its magnificent historical significance.
In terms of real-estate, Collingwood brings you up one of the most developed, texture -rich and alluring choices, with beautiful waterfront homes , and the beauty of the prepossessing Blue Mountain. The wonderful and tranquil living spaces, with the radiant and dazzling buildings, is what Collingwood is prosperous for. With adequate opportunities and standards, it stands as the supreme appointee, for all age factions. And tourism , being it's foremost source of economy, it truly promises you a blissful weekend, or a lifetime.
The most prominent ones in Collingwood,Ontario real estate are:-
1. Cranberry village - this township is the best for a family- living and is an excellent alternative in terms of investment and affordability. The mind-blowing amenities available here are: the Cranberry championship Golf Course, the Cranberry Marina ( an excellent choice for leisure, with jet skiing and kayaking ) . It features up to 2 storey townhouses and a living space of up to 1800 sq. ft., with a reserved outdoor parking.
2. Dockside Village - It comes up with the best waterfront township, adjacent to the Lighthouse point. It also features an outdoor pool , tennis courts,kayaking, fire pits and a bunch of other luxurious opportunities. It has multi-level townhomes with centralised air conditioning, garages, brick driveways, basements and a central vac. It provides up to 5 bedroom homes with a living space up to 2300 sq. ft.
3. Georgian Meadows - It is an outstanding, well- developed township ,situated at the sixth street, It is certified with Energy Star® and provides an affordable and low cost living. It provides various amenities such as- easy access to the Collingwood Trails, and the Collingwood shops and restaurants, and the mind-blowing beauty of the Blue Mountain.It features , two story townhouses with basements, raised bungalows .It casts up to 5 bedrooms house and up to a massive 3000 sq. ft. of living space.

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