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Absolutely dissatisfied from college because of management and facilities.
Placements : About my college placement, i.e., Bhabha Institute of Technology, BIT, my batch placement was totally zero. In case of my senior batch, it was in running condition. About 10% of them got offers but mostly from BPO sectors. In my batch, the students got placed were of 5%. The highest salary offered is 1,80,000 pa, the lowest salary is 1,00,000 pa, and the average salary offered is 1,50,000 pa. Only 2 companies visited, one was Raj Ratan Infosolutions Kanpur, they offer BPO jobs, and the other one YSA Information Solution Pvt Ltd, Kanpur with the same role and offers. About 7% of the students got an internship from college but mostly not enough to get a core job. There was a placement cell called T&P cell, only for namesake, efforts done were nothing. It is totally useless.

Infrastructure : The infrastructure is in bad condition just like government colleges and high schools. Wi-Fi is available but only for seniors student, just for 2 hours in a day. Labs are open only for university practical exams.
In the library, the senior students were restricted to get entry, only for the first-year students. Medical facilities are available but only 1 tablet at a time, low prices, repeated tablets for every illness, poor effort and services are provided. You can play every sport, but kits will not be provided by the college. Games are only written in admission advertising papers. Quality of class and labs is average. Food available in canteen average but Maggi taste is superb, but at night after 12, only limited foods are available. I faced a problem, i.e., fine of Rs.500 when dustbin cost of 20 is broken by me on temper mood.

Faculty : Some teachers are helpful, not all. The only 4-5 teachers are knowledgeable but what you can expect from a teacher with 12000 pm salary. The teaching method is totally by books. They told to write the topic in copies from the internet. No labs, so no practical experience. Even they cannot complete syllabus in time. I did not get industry exposure. The course curriculum is useless to get a core job.

Other : Teacher's day, annual fest, and Phoenix is celebrated in a gap of 2 years. The campus crowd is about 1000. The campus surroundings are near the worst village name, Aonaha. The scholarship is said to be provided only on a commitment during admission time, but not provided. The extracurricular activities are performed, but poor efforts by management.

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