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Dear Sir,

I am Rajkumar.R. I have completed my Master of Business Administration from R.V.S College of engineering and technology, Dindigul under Anna University, Chennai with 1st class. I have worked as a Management Trainee at EMKAY GLOBAL FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED –Madurai Branch for past 8 Months (From 1st Sep 2015 to 30th April 2016). During the training I did the following jobs:
• Back office operations - I have performed checking mails from H.O and do requirements asked by them. Especially from KYC department. About Dormant Accounts Re-Activations-status.
• Clarification about delivery of contract note (Receipt of trading confirmation to clients through e-mail)
• Generating report to (Both Equity and Commodity) Dealers about LAST DAY TRADING Brokerage for the branch.
• Ask limit for client to H.O through e-mail.
• Checking status of PAY-IN/OUT (cheque, NEFT) of clients in company portal of clients accounts.
• Ask the status of cheque of NEFT to accounts department through e-mail (In case pending of clearance).
• Form filling of KYC, DEMAT and verify the needed documents of new clients account opening. And send them to KYC, DP DEPARTMENT-H.O.
• Telecalling to clients who’s account is in dormant mode. By call/emails.
• Fix appointment for re-activation of clients and meet them.
• Sending Buy calls and Sell calls to clients who need as suggested by ANALYST of H.O.
• Cheque punching-pay -in (i.e., deposit by client ) for trading of clients. And Pay –out (with draw) as requested by the clients as per the suggestion of H.O.
• Maintain Courier register, water register, visitors register and petty cash maintenance, voice logger (CD- TELEPHONE RECORDING) for the month of the branch and send these bills and invoices to ACCOUNTS DEPT-H.O after the verification of branch manager.
• Profit & Loss statement, Holding statement and financial statement hard copy as well soft copy through e-mail, I will send to every Quarterly basis to the Top-20 (Both equity and commodity) clients of the branch and get verification signature or verification mail from them and maintain in a register.
I will do all the works that you mentioned above courier register, log maintenance, phone call attending, and i will learn about travel booking, hotel, cab arrangements etc.,
I believe that my own career would be benefited through being a productive member of your organization. A quick glance through my resume gives an idea of the projects done in a relatively short span of time. I assure that I will do my best towards the progress of your esteemed company and build a long lasting relationship with you.
Thank you for your time and courtesy in viewing of this material. Please kindly inform me at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you.

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