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Communication Skills, HR Human Resources, HR Generalist
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Over 18+ years of professional hands on experience in HR, Operations and Hospitality
Six Sigma - Green Belt Certified in driving training effectiveness through SOP Management tool.
Over 10+ years of experience in managing Employee Relations in the Business Process Management space. Currently the HR Lead for 600+ employees, serving 10 accounts spread across India, EMEA and US with a direct reporting team of 3 HR managers.
Responsible for HR compliance of Service Delivery teams supporting Source to Pay, Supply Chain management for one of the largest portfolios in Genpact' s Hi-Tech, Manufacturing and Services vertical.
My key responsibilities include driving end to end HR strategy with strong focus on Talent management, Employee Retention and Engagement, Org Development interventions and Change management initiatives.
Significant experience in Setting up HR practices in client accounts, Driving Employee Satisfaction and Engagement, Implementing Virtual Captive Model, Talent and Performance Management.
Have demonstrated capability in new account set-up across businesses. Significant experience in handling Financial Metrics like C&B % to revenue which has a direct impact on P&L of the account.
Forward-thinking HR Generalist highly effective at adapting to evolving market plans and the needs associated with company expansion.

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