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Dear Addressee,

It is with considerable interest that I respond to the job opening in your organization for . Attached is my resume which showcases my progressive experience and successful track record for leading continuous improvement initiatives. With my excellent leadership skills and commitment to company objectives, I believe I would make an immediate contribution to your company.

I bring along with over 26 years of experience in conducting internal audits (Product, Process, System) in plant and to identify non-conformity related to system / process. Possess expertise and cross-functional acumen in participating in new product development activity – ensure verification, validation, monitoring, inspection, testing as per specification of product are established. I enjoy utilizing keen analysis, valuable insights and team approach in inspecting layout for different products.

Sir/Ma’am, my educational background (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering) and industrial exposure coupled with an excellent familiarity in Automobile Engineering an excellent match with the skills required for a position with your organization.

As my enclosed resume indicates, my background and experiences strongly match your requirements, I am very confident in my ability to meet and exceed your expectations and would welcome an opportunity to speak with you to evaluate your needs & share my ideas.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Rajesh R.Kulkarni

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