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Volker Wessels Telecom is a total provider of telecom technology in Netherlands. It designs, implements, maintains and manages fixed, mobile and wireless networks. VWT Project deals with the registration of fiber and copper cable structures in a GIS(SCAN/SPF) and CRAMER(NIM) And GEOS System. The protection duct structures[Primary access network(PAN),Secondary access network(SAN) and Territory access network(TAN)] with or without the guided tubes will be registered in detail on the Kable code(KC) sketches. The Fiber cables will be registered in detail in the CRAMER and all the fiber strutures registred in GEOS database, also register cable connectivity at Handholes, Telephone central exchange(TFC), and at Customer premises, also register duct connectivity at Joint and Customer premises in Joint sketches as per clients design(Working Drawing).The main concept of fiber, Using of existing copper network build up fiber cables to customers by using of OAF,ODF devices.

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