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Computer Is Not Detecting External Hard Drive, How Can I Fix It?
Computers come with an inbuilt storage space but often this limited space become fully filled with lots of documents, pictures, games, movies, videos, songs, software etcetera. When computer ROM becomes full, people choose external hard disk drives to store their files and data. These external hard disk drives are extremely helpful for storage and come with several space options. However, sometimes computers stop recognizing this external drives due to few reasons. If you are facing the same problem then this article will surely help you to find a solution.

Step by step solution to resolve external hard disk drive detection problem is given below –

First of all, go to the Start Menu and right click on “My Computers”, now click on “Manage” option

Now you will find some options under “Computer Management” list, click on “Disk Management”

Let assume that your Hard Disk Drive is “Disk 1” and Hard Disk Drive Letter is “N”, now right click on “Disk 1” and click on “Change Drive Letter and Paths for N: ()”

Now it will display an option as “Allow access to this volume by using the following drive letter and paths”, click on “Change”

It will display an option to change the drive letter or path, choose a different letter for your path and click “Ok”

A note here: Don’t choose a letter which is already associated with an existing drive

It will show an alert that if this changed drive letter matches any other existing drive letters then it may cause programs to no longer run. If you have made the change following the note as mentioned above then click “Yes”

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