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Customer Handling, Instant Problem Solving
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Seeking out new opportunities constantly with both standalone and chain accounts within established region.
Meet sales goals and objectives assigned by Senior.
Preparing a variety of sales status reports that include activity, follow-up, closings, and adherence to.
Handling customer clients as well as identifying and resolving their concerns.
Communicating new product opportunities, feedback, special developments, or information collected during field visit
Preparing schedules and action plans to identify particular targets and list the clients contact numbers.
Resenting and selling company products to current and prospective clients.
Follow up on referrals and new leads resulting after field activity.
Developing and maintaining the existing product knowledge and sales materials.
Preparing proposals, presentations, and sales contracts.
Establishing and maintaining new and established client relationships.
Coordinating shipping programs and managing delivery of company products and services.
Coordinating with company staff to achieve the work required in closing up sales.

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