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Electronics Engineering, C Language, Reasoning
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Features of Youth4work you like most:::
Youth4work is a platform where we can enrich our skills as well as we can share our knowledge with others.
In this, we are provided with ytests of different streams. There we can know our
Knowledge in that subject.every ytest start
with practice question.when the actual test begins, we have to answer the given questions in the stipulated time. If we get the answer, we can share procedure in the comment box after completing the particular question. If your answer is wrong, you can check the procedure in the comment box(if answer is provided by someone else) or you can ask your doubt in the discussion box.similarly,you can answer others doubts if you know.

After taking test, you are given with a talent report. In that, your global rank, local rank, college rank. We can know where we are and we can improve our score by taking the test again(questions are not same) .we can share our talent report with our friends through facebook, twitter etc..

It's very interesting to take tests and asking doubts. It also provide some training courses in that. If we are interested, we can join. By looking our Youth4work profile and our yscores, companies can directly contact us. They may offer interns by looking at our talent report.

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