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Dilemma of an engineering graduate from a not-so-good college
Gone are the days when a B.Tech degree was looked upon with regard and respect . Those were the good old days when few people with a knack in sciences and technology chose to pursue engineering in the few engineering institutions of repute. With not many people lined up in competition , the-then passed out graduates were directly absorbed in companies and organizations. There was no particular rush for jobs as the people were not too many and therefore the deserving used to get the deserved.
Coming to present day scenario, where lakhs of engineers graduate every year, about a lakh student graduate from actually good institutes comprising IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITs and other prestigious colleges. Out of these many , only some thousands are able to procure a good job either through placements or through separately conducted exams. It is no surprise that even the graduates from premiere institutes land up with no job after 4 long years of engineering.
Now about the graduates who pass out from a not-so-good college. These students know very well that the college wherein they got admitted isn't replete with opportunities and hence they work their ass off to either compete in GATE, GRE, CAT and other similar exams or amass skills in programming and technical stuffs to land up a job through off campus placements. Of course, not everyone is laborious enough to be consistent in these efforts and many fail in the end. With nothing in hand at the end of four years, they stand on the verge of nothing. Slogging like for years altogether, many become clerks in service-based companies with a pay which barely meets their expenses and also there are many who remain jobless after prolonged series of failures. There are not many jobs out there and the graduates out indeed are too many. Apart from all these, when one gears up to prepare for government exams, the reservation system standing erect with pride mocks at them and frustrated , they give up on everything. Notably for a general category candidate, things aren't easy at all. A student needs to be super talented to pursue a nice job, otherwise forget the dream of earning handsomely. Cracking prestigious government exams like UPSC , Engineering services is not everyone's cup of tea and the endless preparations of these exams with a motive vague and hazy, many come out of this competition cum battlefield empty-handed.

Piteous is the condition of these engineering graduates who earned a B.Tech degree only to achieve nothing after the end of everything. Opening innumerable government colleges in every district is aggravating the many graduate-less job problem prevalent today. More jobs is the need of the hour.

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