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Duration: 6 month
Team size:6
Role: programmer
? The project is being developed for the organization ikisan.The web application is used in all
the braches and customer of the company the project consist of mainly 3 modules.
? The 1st modules automats enter the process of organization, which helps for the better un-
derstanding between the employees and management.
? The 2nd modules is helpful to maintain good relationship between the organization and the
customers, i.e. which maintains the detail information about particular customer which makes
the organization to grow faster.
? The 3rd modules arecontains the details of the products and also makes the customers to
purchase products online.
Environment: Eclipse,JAVA, Oracle,Apache tomcat, JSP, MVC.
? Developing the code as per requirements.
? Involve in developing the web page.
? Unit testing and integration testing of owning use cases.

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