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Tradition – An elastic band that chokes the non-male
Do you know, there are few religious mantras that can be chanted only by males and that only a son can cremate his father. Let me tell you the story of Ahalya from the books of Hindu mythology. God Brahma created Ahalya as the most beautiful lady and she was married to a saint Gautama. When Gautama was away, god Indra visited Ahalya disguised as Gautama and raped her. When Gautama returned and learned of the incident, he became very furious and punished both. Ahalya was cursed to become a stone and only regained her life as human, when Lord Rama, the hero from the Hindu epic Ramayana, brushes his feet against her. A story of how, Ahalya is guilty and not a victim and is forgiven at the mercy of God. This story, throws a strong message on the inequality of women which has undoubtedly taken giant steps to reside in modern-days as well.
I will pull up the curtains on such stains that is still unwashed today.
In majority of the houses, females are refrained from entering kitchen, temples or worshipping during their mensuration cycle. In some rural places, they are even forced to live outside the village… prohibiting any contact with anyone since it is considered unclean; this custom is known as chhaupadi….

On other few religious occasion, women are abstained from eating as well as drinking; in other words, no food no water for a day or two. The belief that walks with this tradition is, that it helps keep the male members of the family live long and healthy.
Well the real story is after (48) long hours, denouncing anything to her body, the lady has already picked up multiple injuries inside. Eyes stringed into the skull, dry mouth, face dull, body retiring, kidney crying over water extinction and voice…you won’t hear. Low pressure, blood flow to tissues is minimized and more…scientifically termed as dehydration as you may know.
Don’t you tell me the traditionalized illness poured over our mothers, wives helps rain health to our fathers, husbands and sons?
Holy basil is a sacred plant in Hindu belief, planted in front or near the house and worshipped. The offering of its leaves is mandatory in ritualistic worship of Vishnu and his forms.
Though basil leaves are necessary for Hindu worship, and there are strict rules for it. Only a male must cut them and only in the daylight.
It is read in the olden times, the wives jumped into pool of fire on the death of their husbands; the SATI PRATHA. Now thankfully, there is no death sentence but offered life imprisonment instead. Wrap a colorless robe, defend from looking good, desire and happiness, refrain from living.

Do you understand that these practiced traditions, these illogical belief, these rules are calling a pause to someone….? ??
Well, to me it looks as if years and years ago, a bunch of men, just sat together and came up with ideas that was able enough to crush the other half, whom they found easy to dominate since they were born with less physical strength.
Traditionalize things, and then give a fine finish by wrapping it in the name of almighty, to follow it in the ‘fear of the creator’; that is what traditions are. A taboo, too sacred or accursed to vehemently go against.

Marriage is the legally or formally recognized reunion of a man and women as partners in a relationship. It should have been measured and gauged in its state. But for a woman, in a wedlock they buy…. reconstruction of her identification, leaving behind so much more than one can figure out, with the left ahead being shadowed by her last name.

The word "tradition" is derived from the Latin tradere or traderer literally meaning to transmit, to hand over, to give for safekeeping.
For safekeeping? take a stroll – look around did we keep it safe!! As per reports 34000 rape cases were logged last year. (These are just the cases that fortunately got logged) Approximately 100 women are harassed, raped, killed every day and this percent is increasing exponentially. Most admirable fragment is the way these criminal acts are handled. The fainted letters from the yellow pages of our robust constitution is loose on the performance of these brave felons.

But how do they connect….
The zest to suppress the weak and rise and boast ones’ muscles and existence in front of all, is putting humanity at stake!!

The actual meaning of tradition is killed ? safe keeping

If you say, zoo an animal and you are keeping it safe from destruction and providing it better place to live. You are deceitful and relish every inhale and exhale of money and authority.
Humans just enjoy being at power, mostly men. Being at supremacy, the adrenaline…. the pleasure to acknowledge how your actions disintegrate and affect and control others life.
You still always wish of the throne and a crown on your head…!!

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