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"Pancha Mahabhutas."The Five Universal Elements
Fire has always been a very fascinating element for me. Just a small spark can ignite such blazing infernos if you let it do so. Sometimes you get it under control and sometimes they are just too wild to be controlled... its uncanny, the way it could get so much bigger, stronger and more powerful than you...
The other elements, Earth, Air, Sky and Water are similar with their unlimited creativity and destructive too in their ways but fire for me, can inspire The awe factor here, exceeds any of the mental charts that I may have conjured in the dark abyss of my hyperactive mind. Since my childhood, I had been aware that in Hinduism we refer to Pancha Mahabhutas as the five elements of the Universe, You could also substitute that for the basic elements of nature or pure mythological genesis of the three major states of matter- Earth, Air and Water.

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