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Youth is the age of struggle dream idealism and they play very important role for our country progress. As It is a time period, When people can do more hard work. They are strong physically mentally. A successful nation depends upon its goods youth. They are active members of society. Our nation needs young peoples ability capacity in development. We should provide a healthy environment to our youth give them job opportunities with their study, and then they are able to stand their lives. We should provide them facilities to work as they can play very important role in success on banks, factories, industries, doctors etc. Mostly youth destroyed because of poverty, they cant study in good educational institutions. Due to this nation become weak, in not good condition disable to make progress. Our leaders should give facilities to the younger to polish their qualities. Young people with separative qualities move the position of their nation at very high level. Youth are the roots of success of every country. Youth like a seed, If we take good care it, fulfill its need, watering it right time , put it on open place so it grow in tree produce fruits. We should make our youth strong, healthy kind. Our all fields success progress depends upon brilliant youth. Only teachers, parents, leaders, controllers guardians develop best qualities in their youth. Unemployment and poverty is a big problem to build a good youth. All professions demanding educated youth. Young people round about half our population they are active members of society but unfortunately we cant give them the position or status, which they deserve. Education is hope for our youth. We should give them useful activities for their spare time. They use their extra time for their benefits. Make their character as perfect as possible, and then our nation will be most successful. First duty of our young people is to look after their families do work hard for their country. Hopeless, uneducated young people spoil their best time of age in evils. We should take action to prevent our youth from hopeless conditions. It is not only duty of government we are all responsible to put efforts to make best environment for our youth. The world of science technology required educated young people. We should create equality, justice opportunities for our youth for progress. If we take steps arrange programs for our youth, our nation will be successful, we should give right place sources to our young people provide such environment to our youth, in which they enjoy their lives. It is true that, Youth is hope backbone of every country.

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