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WISSEN means Knowledge, in German Language. Knowledge is the familiarity or understanding of facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning.
WISSEN deals with learning of the real life skills which are not only important but also growth and career oriented.
WISSEN, is the brain child of many parameters that surfaced in the many thought process that went by mind. It is a heartfelt effort to inculcate the “vision” which is WISSEN, in every common person, willing to explore the world of opportunities.
Knowledge plays a very crucial role in defining ones career or growth. Without knowledge, how-much-ever the person is skilled or educated or experienced, there is absolutely no room for growth or recognition, in simple words.
So what does WISSEN have, that differentiates and defines growth in useful, effective and efficient way?
To know this, read, what WISSEN does?
What WISSEN does?
WISSEN works on providing service. A service that defines the easy and effective way to learn Spoken English, presentable communication, Business English and many courses that are perfectly content written for those common people who are on the strive of making career.
Not only, it is framed to learn for students, it also has its platform suitable for Home-makers, Woman Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals and all passionate people who are looking to excel in their careers where English is the catalyst player.
WISSEN, has categorically framed courses which are corporate enabled learnings. The content that goes in the learning, through our industry and corporate trainers , is an experience gained while reading the student mind, corporate working people, home-makers and all facets of people who by virtue are working on menial roles due to lack of knowledge in Communication skills.
WISSEN comes with a flavor of courses. Courses that are tailor made to suits the demands Vs Needs of the corporates and people willing to excel in their roles.

Our Courses and Offerings
WISSEN is categorized under 5 very important services, which are industry needs and also are path definers for one’s career.
The 5 services are broadly classified under:-
1. Business Communication Training
2. Leadership Training
3. Human Resource Training
4. MS Excel Training
5. Retail Management ( Sales Training)
The above trainings are focused to train individuals, Group trainings, Corporate bookings, Outdoor trainings, Special and centric for Women Entrepreneurs and Home-makers.
Service 1:- Business Communication and Presentation skills for perfect growth.
1. Business Communication Training
a. Basic Training in
i. Spoken English
ii. Communication techniques
iii. Public speaking
iv. Personality Development
v. Podium and stage fear
vi. Body Language
vii. Speaking English for the real world
viii. Many more under this category…
b. Advanced training in i. Advanced Grammar & Vocabulary ii. Accent Neutralization & Fluency iii. Personality Development & Public Speaking iv. Barriers to fluent English communication. v. Speaking and Listening Effectively. vi. Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs. vii. Writing Skills - Email etiquettes, Business correspondence. viii. Reading Skills - Focus on syllable stress, Intonation and pitch. ix. Extempore and Group discussions. x. Smart English VS Normal English. xi. Testing and Evaluation

c. Expert Training on
i. Fundamentals of business writing
ii. Managing successful meetings
iii. Developing effective presentation skills
iv. Cross-cultural business communication skills
v. Enhancement of communication skills and its utilization.
Service 2:- Leadership Training for Mid-Managers, Managers and CXO levels
The Leadership Training is a program delivered for working professionals who are ready to become managers or already managing teams and groups and for CXO level people.
This program is designed and focused to train employees and people who are persistently or accountable for technology, Globalization and constant change which have made the job to lead the business more demanding and exciting with complexity. This program or training is also for those who are leading business verticals, business firms, CEO, and all CXO levels to empower them to define and act as a purposeful leader through strategic competency.
? Advanced Leadership Program
? Business essentials for Executives
? Creating and Leading High Performance teams
? Leadership and Effective Communication
? Ethical Leadership program
? Executive Development program
? Leading and Managing people
? Leading Organizational change
? Leading effective sales force
? Strategies for new leader
? Mid-level coaching and mentoring programs
? Women business leaders- A strategic program for leading
And many more tailor-made programs.

Service 3:- Human Resource Training for New HR’s, Folks who want to make career into HR
An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resources. The key functions of the Human Resources Management (HRM) team include recruiting people, training them, performance appraisals, motivating employees as well as workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more.
Keeping the above facts in mind, WISSEN provides training for Aspirants who wish make their career as HR or existing HR professionals who want to develop and learn ideas in the varied facets of ever growing HR concepts.
WISSEN, has carefully developed HR programs to suit the corporate need. We not only have the programs designed for learning and to develop the HR at teaching level, but also have the ability to work as consultant for framing HR strategies, HR policies, SOP’s , SLA’s, PMS tools and all other functional needs, for Start-up organizations and for managing the HR team and systems thru competency based development methods.
Some of the programs that are developed to meet the needs of people willing to become an HR and for corporate needs are:-
1. HR and Team Development a. Accountability and Delegation b. Appraising Achievement and Performance Lab c. Attracting, Retaining and Engaging Your Workforce Lab d. Coaching Employees and Supervisors e. Creating Stellar Recognition Program f. Employee Engagement: Beyond Satisfaction g. WISSEN HR Certificate Program for Human Resource Professionals h. Interviewing and Hiring for Better Results i. Performance Management: Finding the Best Approach for Your Workforce j. Reaching for Stellar Customer Service k. Respect in the Workplace l. Teamwork and Interpersonal Communication 2. Legal Compliance a. Annual Compliance Update b. AAP and EEO Compliance and Reporting c. Advanced Employment Law: Case Law Update d. Discipline and Documentation e. Employee Handbooks and Supervision Handbooks f. Employment Law: Minimize Risk and Gain Confidence g. Harassment Awareness Training

h. HR Compliance 3. Leadership & Supervision a. Basics of Supervision b. Dynamic Leadership Skills: 6-Part Series c. Leadership Engagement Essentials d. Lead person Effectiveness e. Strengths-Based Leadership 4. Personal/Professional Development a. Difficult and Crucial Conversations: Keys to Improving Workplace Communication b. Expressing Yourself: Presenting Your Thoughts and Ideas c. Resiliency 5. Trainer Development a. Prese

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    • Wissen is organizing a Job fair on 25th and 26th November 2017 in Hyderabad. There will be more than 30-40 corporate participating in this job fair. The students will have a great chance to get interviewed and get spot offers. It is a best time to prove the students career. All the students must get registered by contacting Wissen, and registering themselves for this Job Fair. The location and venue details will be shared shortly.

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