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Hire, supervise and evaluate the Records and Registration staff Organize and administer the records, registration and graduation functions, including transcript evaluations, Health Professions admissions and the IAI certification process in order to provide maximum service to students while ensuring efficient and effective workflow. Participate and serve as part of the Student Services Team. Lead initiatives as determined by the Dean. Supervise the coordination, evaluation and certification of all graduation applications, while overseeing the complete graduation process to include all elements of the rehearsal and ceremony. Responsible for collecting, recording, maintaining and reporting of student records within FERPA guidelines, e.g., grades, registration data, transcripts, mid-term verification, athletic eligibility and ICCB audits and other associated audits Provide leadership and develop appropriate recommendations for the implementation of related technology application in support of enhanced services offered through Registration and Records Develop and administer the departmental budget Problem solve the research, analysis and resolution of student disputes as they relate to records and registration Collaborate with administrators, deans, faculty, IT and counselors to facilitate and improve services to students, including catalog and registration/records policy questions. Administer the collective bargaining agreement for the support staff contract. Serve as ex-officio member of Curriculum Committee

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