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Producing a document have a four key step are use below .
1) prepare a first draft :

step1) write us inputs according to the out line stablished during the rewriting stage.

Step2)identify the graphics and require for the documentation inform the senior technical writer and graphics designer.

Step 3) the senior technical writer insures that the graphics are designed.

Step4) the senior technical writer assembles the first draft with graphics .

2. Review and rewrite: when the reviewing and rewriting fadge starts the imphasize shift from the content .

Step1) review the draft for incompleteness, gaps and over laps in topics .

Step2) review the draft as regards writing issues.for example- clarity .

Step3) insure that the product complies with corporate and legal guidance requirements for specific content .

Step4) rewrite the draft .

Syep5) confirm that the draft.

Step6) if a distribution list is required discuss it with your client and generate the distribution list .

3. Editing the ment draft : technical editing determind if the words convey the intended massage to your target audience. Editing assesses how well your documantation confirms to style guides and client specified format .

4 . Preparing the final draft:
It may include formatting the document as it will appear when issued finalising the graphic illustration and the table ( chart or record ) , double checking to ensure that all the components are included and in the proper order when preparing the final draft considered the following -

1) P.S.D ( Photo shop or tag image file format ) Or T.I.F.F .:
File are recommended for P.C ( Personal computer) generated graphics illustrations.

2) J.P.G-( joint photography graphic) OR
G.I.F- ( Graphic image format ) .
Files are recommended for wave publication ( internet ) .

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