Delhi, Delhi, India
Communication Skills, Marketing, Creativity
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6 years Experience in Promotions, Advertising, Internal and External Communications with MBA in Marketing Specialization
काम का अनुभव
MARCOM Manager
Vibgyor Brand Services Pvt Ltd
पूरा समय अक्तूबर-2017 तक वर्तमान 2 वर्षों 2 महीने
  • ?Brand building for Vibgyor- Event Agency, Vibgyor Celebrations- Wedding Vertical and Govt. Vertical ?PR & Marketing Communications ?DataBase Management ?Creative Co-ordination ?Client Engagement ?Content Writing ?Ideation for Campaigns ?Social Media Management ?Communication Management ?Market Research

Assistant Manager- MARCOM
Gaussian Networks
पूरा समय सितम्बर-2015 तक जून-2018 2 वर्षों 9 महीने
  • Digital
    -Conceive optimal methods to communicate to the TG on the emotional and functional benefits of the brand.
    -Responsible for the day to day management of the online marketing programs, Google analytics, including budgeting, forecasting, benchmarking, and reporting.
    -Working for all CPA, CPI, CPL, CPC CPCV, CPM, CPR campaigns.
    -Develop strong understanding and maintain updated knowledge of consumer behavior, product position and market trends.
    -Conceiving, and implementing tag lines/punch lines for digital ads, magazines, TV ads, Radio ads, explainer videos etc that help build brand awareness and engagement.
    -Driving the brand tone and promise in all aspects of the brands representation. 
    -Using tools like Hasoffers, Google Analytics, Pushwoosh Panel, Tune, MAT etc. to monitor Web, App and WAP campaigns.
    -Using Email Marketing directed to internal as well as external database, generating ROI through multiple offers based on intelligence acquired from past campaigns.

Senior- Seller OnBoarding Executive
पूरा समय अगस्त-2014 तक अगस्त-2015 1 साल
  • Working in a dynamic sales environment, responsible for prospecting, qualifying, negotiating and closing contracts with sellers. The main responsibility includes to on-board the maximum no of sellers in different category with the maximum POG Bracket.

    -Understanding snapdeal products and services and articulate and guide sellers through integration.
    -Help define a sales plan that is in line with our Seller Services business direction for one’s category.
    -Establish long term partnerships with key seller partners for one’s category.
    -Educating, guiding, training the seller about the snapdeal platform. 
    -Revenue Generation for the seller- Electronics Category.
    -Getting sellers promotional deals running on the platfrom.
    -Running Sponsored promotions for the sellers during peak sale time.
    -Guiding the sellers through billing, logistics, sales, deals about the platform.
  • Highest Sellers Onboarded for the month of September, October, December, January, March, June.

Sales Manager
पूरा समय जून-2012 तक अगस्त-2014 2 वर्षों 2 महीने
  • Providing expert and professional advice, guidance and recommendations on a wide variety of channels partners, building and developing powerful relationships with key contacts, including third party distributers, independent financial advisors etc. Deft business acumen, with ability to identify opportunities and spot emerging trends.
    -Responsible for the relationship with Distributors, Retail Channels and Independent Financial Distributors for business development.
    -Attending weekly meetings discussing sales, regulatory, and financial concepts. Conducting market & competitor analysis to get a fair idea of the latest market trends to achieve market share metrics by providing appropriate product mix & pricing strategies.
    -Responsible for preparing reports as well as maintaining insurance policies and records.
    -Establishing healthy business relations with distributers and external associates for securing repeat business & long term loyalty and work towards solving their queries.
Master of Business Administration, Finance
, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Master of Business Administration, Marketing
Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute Of Professional StudiesGuru Gobindh Singh Indraprastha University
2010-2012 स्कोर77%

Bachelor of Engineering or Technology
2006-2010 स्कोर71%
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Richa Mittal Communication Skills, Marketing, Creativity और अन्य प्रतिभाओं में प्रतिभाशाली है Richa Delhi से बाहर है और Finance, MBA-Master of Business Administration वर्ष 2010-2012 से , Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University का अध्ययन किया है।