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Flying above the world so high, touched the diamonds in the sky!
Hello everyone, i have written articles but writing a blog is a new experience for me as i can pen words on paper better than on my keypad but nevertheless I will share my experience on how I went on to summon the great mountains of Himalayas not once but twice. Ive a deep passion for adventure and trekking, I am prone to push myself off the limits certain times and explore the new territories where I can divulge my passion and improve my abilities. I went to Sarpass trekking expedition from Youth Hostel Association of India. Initially I was sceptical of surviving in the harsh nature atmosphere but once it started it was a completely liberating and exhilarating experience for me. I embraced a side of nature which I never knew. Sarpass is situated in Parvati valley of Kullu district in Himacha Pradesh one of the lush green state in India. The details are available on http//www.yhaindia.org/national-level-program.php. It was a 11 day trek in which I had to surmount 14000 feet of mammoth mountain, on paper it seemed impossible but once you start climbing towards it things get easier and there are people from around the nation to accompany you from different cities. It becomes a stirred cocktail of cultures, background and races. The learning is immense during the trek. The facilities of the Youth Hostel Association of India is average but the food provided by them is above the par and they serving 3 times meal in almost inhumane condition is applaud worthy. The employers are working almost round the clock to justice the claims of amazing service and treatment by Youth Hostel. The first day of the trek was the most difficult as our body is not acclimatised to the severe cold the Himachal blows in your face and sends chill down your spine but that feeling is treasured all the way through the trek and when your body gets acclimatised to the atmosphere they take you to the higher altitude. The Base camp is at 6500 feet and after 3 days of acclimatisation were taken to above level and then the real adventure begins. You struggle and stumble your way through the undaunted mountains, un-trodden paths and lively nature to reach at the heights of 12000. Throughout the way YHAI provides fantastic facilities of accommodation and food to keep up your stamina and spirits. After reaching the heights of 12k feet when you look down from any mountains you can see yourself above the clouds and in clouds, them floating around you and the light moisture in them slightly wetting your face and sometimes your whole body. The temperature drops below 2 degree Celsius making Oxygen scarce, thin and difficult to breathe. Youll have to experience the true bliss of nature to feel what Irsquove felt. We again proceed to move towards higher altitude of 14k feet our ultimate goal and point of exhilaration, after reaching the height of 14k feet when we look at the sky it feels like it is the ceiling of our own house. The stars we feel are almost at our hands reach and we could grab them and fill our pockets with it. The world feels so small from above and a feeling of Super Human cripples through you and the sense of satisfaction grabs you leaving you absolutely spell-bound at the sight of stars, sky, the surroundings, the snow covered mountains. It takes time to sink in but eventually it all settles down when we decent towards our base camp and eventually to back of our home town. Sometimes it feels the decent is more difficult than the climb. Finally we come back to our base camp with so much exhilarating memories and good friends along the way. Every each of us should go for this trek once in their life to know what real nature feels like and bask in the lushness of it.

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