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A Tribute to Rahul Dravid
Here is one of my articles published A TRIBUTE TO RAHUL DRAVID THE WALL Rahul has been my hero from the day I started watching Cricket, or I should better put it this way that I started following this game just because of Dravid. Dravid has been the key play-maker of Team india since many years. When he started his career he was a genuine Test cricketer. He was criticized a lot for his defensive batting style but Dravid answered his critics with his performances and he manipulated his defensive technique so well that he became ldquoThe Wallrdquo of India. He never gave away his wicket easily. He understood the importance of his wicket and he had a belief on his ability. He was indeed a fighter, a warrior who fought for his countryrsquos victory. It was his lsquonever say diersquo attitude that made him more special for me. His knocks may not have entertained the crowd but he ensured that the millions of supporters of the Indian Team had a smile on their face after the match.One of his best innings I remember was against the mighty aussies at Eden Gardens when he scored 180. The extreme importance and the trademark of that innings was that it was played under a tremendous pressure of following-on against the World Champions. Dravid was not the only player responsible for the win but through this innings Dravid gained a lot of respect in the eyes of cricket fans. There are many more classical innings played by him at home and abroad which helped him achieve the milestone of being the second highest run scorer in Test Cricket. He was always disciplined in the game, on the field and off the field as well. He never landed in any sort of major controversies during the course of his career. He probably taught the value of discipline not just to me but to the millions of fans all around the globe. He had another big quality that made him even more special. He adapted to different situations and he accepted different roles very bravely. He served the Indian Cricket as a Wicket-Keeper as well. He was indeed an asset for the team and a great ambassador for the game. Whenever he went in the ground, he took the complete responsibility of the situation. I really envy him. It is not wrong in calling him ldquoMr. Dependablerdquo as he carried every responsibilty handed to him on his soulders very convincingly. He will remain a role model for millions of people for long. 9th March 2012 recorded a very sad moment in the Indian cricketing history when he retired but he left lots of memories and lots of shots behind Rishav Kumar Youth24x7 Reference link http//

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