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Hello Everyone This is Rishav Kumar, a student of Economics University of Delhi. I am seeking a challenging career that utilizes my skills in my area of competence and enriches my knowledge, and also gives me a chance to be part of a team that contributes towards the growth of the nation. I have always been active as a student in various extra curricular activities keeping my academic records safe I have held various positions in my school as well as college for a better view of my acheivements kindly refer to my blog. I have always been an ardent admirer of Arts and reflecting my ideas with paint on canvas has always been my hobby. Other than painting, I like to listen to soft and soothingmelodies. I have also kept myself involved in sports. I like to play and watch Cricket. I am passionate about this game like every other Indian. I also love to play and watch Soccer. quotWritingquot has been a part of my familyand Ilove to write short artificial extracts and poems. Creativity reflects in my writings and paintings My subject of interest is Economics and I want to be one of the biggest Economist of the country. I like to deal with the economic problems and try to think different solutions to tackle them. I want to pursue this Subject in future and try to strengthen my command over this subject

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