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Positive always....
" Don't find pebbles of sorrow, swim in the ocean of happiness" - Ritu Dravid.

With hopes, energy, expectations and will, we actively enact, but when these things go down a bit, we dig ourselves, deep. It is paramount to find positivity in every negative circumstance, as every adverse situation is not completely dreadful. And the best part is that the good thing is not concealed in it, it is unfailingly very accessible to us, but sometimes that close, that mould the vision haze and what we end up focusing is on the grim side.
We need to acknowledge that plight and misfortune are just the pebbles in our ocean of happiness. In our life, we have many things to be felicitous about and even if we don't, then we have all the capabilities to make it that way. Even in the storm of unhappiness we can blossom like a flower and give our life a brand-new meaning.

Sometimes despite swimming in life exuberantly, we focus on the pebbles, and even if they are not there, we strive to find them.

It's just us, else, life is fair, indeed.

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