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Nanhe kadmo k sahare
Chal padhna hain ek safar par;
Naa pata kisi manzil ka, naa dekha koi kinaara,
Bas ruukna nahi hain zindagi bhar.

The hour long classes of Moral Science in schools made sure we knew that life is a journey, and that we are to complete this journey someday, leaving behind everything we acquired or came across throughout the path we travelled in our journey. But, it missed a point, a crucial point I'd say. It never told us where to stop, nor did it tell us to reach a specific destination. But, isn't that's what a journey all about? Starting from a point and reaching another point in a course of time. Perhaps, the writers forgot to mention that. Or maybe, we are never supposed to know our destinations. We're never supposed to know what lies ahead of us or where life is going to lead us in the future. Because, then we would know which path to choose and what mistakes to avoid and plan every step of life accordingly, leading us to the predestined destination without much hassle, lacking complacency.
Life is not about the right decisions you make, or the things that went right for you, or how fast you sailed when the tides were in your favor. It is about making bad decisions once in a while and learn from them, it is about trying new things which you thought you couldn't have done yourself, it is about exploring every little path you come across, and most importantly, it is about not stopping. Of course, it is not always going to be a bed of roses, but wouldn't a rose feel dull if there was no thorn attached to it? Just as life would seem dull if there were no challenges or ups and downs to make us go gaga over the good things or feel hopeless at the time of despair. It is the little things that make our lives interesting, without which, monotony will take the charm out of this life.
Sometimes though, we would feel that taking unexpected turns in our life is not something we would appreciate or are ready for. We stay happy and content with whatever the little we've got and try not to aim higher in the fear of losing what we already have. But, with a little optimism, we would know that it is just another opportunity for us to delve deeper or explore new heights. And only by choosing to not stop there and continue this journey, we would be able to know where our destination really lies.

So, never stop exploring, never stop taking risks, never stop trying something new,
kyuki zindagi ki ek aakhri udaan abhi baaki hain tujhme, aur agar zindagi me uddna chahte ho, toh zinda ho tum.

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