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(n.) an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.
People are fearful. Yes, all of us are, even the ones who deny it. You know what I'm afraid of? Spiders. I hate those creepy little creatures. Then, there's snakes (who doesn't fear them?). Can't remember a time when fear didn't hit me when I saw any of them. But that's not the end. There's more to my "List of things I fear".
I'm afraid of oversleeping too. I put 4-5 alarms so that I can be able to wake up on time, or more like, I don't get late. Also afraid of commitment. Total commitment-phobe. If my exes are reading this, I apologize for my commitment-phobic behaviours.

Our fears make way for anxiety to creep into our lives. Anxiety is a big deal in our lives. It's kind of an evil irony. It usually ends up holding us back from the things that we consider the most important to achieve. I've had a variety of anxieties. Still working on the commitment one. But, some anxieties just stay with us to worsen our lives. Like anxiety about not being worthy or good enough to achieve certain things we desire.
We all have been to that place once in our lives where we wanted to do something, to say something, to impress someone and make them think that we're better than the others. But when we open our mouth, it's just awkward, and then silence, followed by awkward silence. Or perhaps worse, we blab, we say too much, we say things, things we are not supposed to, things we thought we would never tell anyone in a normal state of mind, things that we later regret saying, things that come to our mind when we can't sleep at night; thus, beginning the chain of all the embarrassing events happened in our lives. These moments/feelings mess up our psychology and restricts us to perform such ever again in the future, resulting in blocking our already on construction road to success.

Psychology is an intertwined thing. It's all connected. It's more like an onion, we tear up a layer only to find another one. Psychologically, we cannot just defeat anxiety, but we can surely overcome them; where confidence and self belief can be the two very strong weapons we ought to keep in our arsenal. Even when they are not enough to win the mighty battle, the desire to win, desire to be special, desire to achieve it more than the others always does the trick. Because only by pushing our limits, we can know how far we can go. As success is awarded not to the fearless, for he has little to do in the road to glory; but the fearful, who chose to be brave enough to defeat his fear and overcome them.

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