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The mind is a wonderful thing. It can be creative and imaginative. It can show you dreams. Dreams that can rise you from the dust and take you to glory. Dreams that can create the very meaning of your existence. But, it can also be cruel sometimes. It can show you dreams of uncertainties and lead you to a dreamland, the thought of which would always make you happy even at the gloomiest of hours; or it can reverse the gear, and take you back to those lanes that you left far behind in your memories.

Some memories may take you back to places where you dream about what you want from life, where you have always wanted to be, or at least your heart did; while some might just take you back to the narrow lanes that you somehow managed to pass through, or rather survive it. Such memories always leave mark, physically, some might argue; mentally, often to agree. One may seek pleasure revisiting his childhood days, cherishing the times, he spent with his family and friends, the little things that used to matter more then, the worry-less days he used to go through or even the times of future promises that were never true. Those days he thought the world is as simple as it could get. He thought he would win the world someday. He thought he could achieve it all. To be precise, he thought he knew what he wanted and had control over his dreams. Little did he know, that he knew nothing more than Jon Snow.
But destiny, knew it all. It awaited him and used time as it's means. Time is a strange thing. You always think you have it, but often you don't, and of course, you're always too late to understand it. Time flows at a speed greater than the speed of light. They don't tell you this in the books; nor would they teach you this in school, rather they would want you to know what's the expansion of a binomial expression or how much is the marginal rate of substitution of a quantity, irrelevant of your need for it in your life. Only when you're too old, you understand what really matters to you and realise the importance of your dreams and how much it meant to you when you were a child. For some, it might be too late to chase their dreams, while others just give up on them, and would rather prefer visiting his dreamland where he has all that he wants.

But, as they say, it is never too late to start dreaming or even start acting upon them. One should never settle what someone else wants out of his life. Only by being pertinacious about how much he wants it, he can truly achieve it. And achieve he must; as by killing his dream, he kills a part of his soul. The part that is lost forever, without which, his life could never be fulfilled, and without which, his existence wouldn't have a complete meaning.

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