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It is true that we don't always value the gem when we have it. We only realise it's value when we lose it. AFA and the rest of the world never realized what they had. And now that Messi has announced his departure, the world will know what they have been missing out all these years.

The news certainly took a toll on me. Realising that Messi is growing old. He's no longer the long haired youngster who joined the blaugrana colours and showed the world what magic is. He has grown up now. He has grown old. And most importantly, he has grown tired. Tired of all the criticism he had to face even when not at fault or even when his teammates let him down. But he didn't complain and still gave it all every time he stepped on the field, with the sole motive of making his countrymen happy despite of all the hatred and criticism they had towards him. But, destiny certainly had different plans for him, mocking him to take him too close to what he deserved and then pulling him backwards again.

But it will all be gone now. Argentina won't have him anymore. He will not defend the albiceleste shirt anymore, and this will leave a void in the world of football, which can never be filled up again.
The world of football already cried when maestros like Scholes, Xavi left the field and Pirlo too will be leaving it soon. And now we realise, that there will no more be Messi in international games. And when he'll hang up his boots for good, football will cry so loud and so hard, that the joy this game holds will no longer be the same.

So enjoy him while you can lads, because you'll never get to see another like him. I don't know if he's the best now or ever. But, what I know, is that there will be no one else to fill his boots ever again, and player like him, is born only once.

And now his watch has ended.

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