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India is a country where lots of talented people waiting for a chance to show their talent. HR of reputed companies never take responsibility to search talent. We know that if India is a coin then it has two face one is rich India other is poor India. Reputed companies bare held in metro cities and people of poor India does not have money to visit different metro cities for interview. Finally they accept that they are not made for such big MNCs thus they use to die their dream. Honourable PM Modi has taken a visionary step of skill India which seems helpful in paper work but at grassroot level u will found that it's a step like "GARIBI HATAO" ,an initiative taken by then Late PM Mrs Indira Gandhi. As we know that our lives are mere blips on the canvas of eternity we are unable to do big thing due to lack of opportunity but we have still hope in the view of schemes like Digital India which have ability to break the foundation of walk-in interview and less opportunity. Young India can do everything if Digital India like schemes successfully implemented at the last stage of society. In addition with it I hope that power distribution of Indian system in villages will also be improve in near future. At the absence of power how digital India reached up to its goal.

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