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Top Web Designing Trends To Watch Out In 2018
From changing web apps to static sites, here we take a look at the trends that developers are expecting to see this year.

Top Web Designing Trends In 2018

From the start of its implementation, the internet is evolving. In its hay days, Mosaic and Netscape Navigator were doing great rounds, and since every New Year brought new ideas, new concepts, and trends, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Here are the web development trends which are expected to impact globally on the industry in 2018:

Progressive Web Apps

A study showed that mobile apps accounted for 89% of the time spent on our Smartphone. It would be logical that the use of a format which is like a mobile application would be well received by the public.

The progressive web apps are applications which take advantage of the attributes of a browser, with a mobile application interface. This technology has several advantages, like an ability to work offline, virtually no load time, good reliability, and to able receive notifications. They can be designed faster than mobile apps, work for all types of users, and are easier to deploy and maintain.


To remain connected to users is quite essential, be in written or oral conversation software, allows a website to be contacted every day, without continuously maintaining a separate department for customer service. The evolution of chatbots offered new capabilities; they can answer the common questions, redirect users to information or web pages, or also helps in completing a transaction.

Website Notifications

Notifications are the best tools for mobile apps. This kind of communication also works with websites after a user authorizes the notifications. This indulges in greater customer engagement without the added costs of making a mobile app which replaces a website.

User Interfaces in Motion

Interfaces are a major concern for developers since a long time. Even the best designs are useless if the user cannot find what he is looking for. Interfaces help you to use animations or transitions that show certain actions, or important parts.

This technology makes the doorway to a wide range of tailoring, giving a developer several options for designing a very functional and attractive website.

The Release of Flash

Flash has interesting things for websites; it lets developers add animations or other movements. Adobe announced this year that there will no updating or new releases in Flash after 2020. Instead of losing the audience, mainly on the mobile version of a site, you should replace Flash with HTML5, which is rapidly becoming the universal internet format.

One-Page Websites

These sites have a well very long, page. To navigate, simply scroll, or use links to go up and down the page to the desired section.

The biggest advantage is their simplicity. There are no endless menus to explore. And this idea works well on smartphones, where the easiest navigation mode is scrolling. It is an updated solution to simple online requirements, and very inexpensive to develop and host.

Photo Content

A good photo is always significant because this can make things change. Though not a new concept, because since in the age of paper magazines, as well a good photo did matter. But now it is being tried uniquely. A unique photo, with individuality, and also giving sufficient information, will be the success key on the internet in 2018.


Trends are fast changing, as our technologies evolve. These new features can attract and retain customers in a better way. Hence, it’s important to look towards the future for new ideas and inspirations and to stand out from the competition.

With this, we conclude.

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