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The power electronic devices due to their inherent nonlinearity draw harmonic and reactive power from the supply. In three phase systems, they could also cause unbalance and draw excessive neutral currents. The injected harmonics, reactive power burden, unbalance, and excessive neutral currents cause low system efficiency and poor power factor. One of the major concerns in electricity industry today is power quality. It becomes especially important with the introduction of advanced and complicated devices, whose performance is very sensitive to the quality of power supply. The electronic devices are very sensitive to disturbances and thus industrial loads become less tolerant to power quality problems such as voltage dips, voltage sags, voltage flickers, harmonics and load unbalance etc. At present, a wide range of very flexible controllers, which capitalize on newly available power electronics components, are emerging for custom power applications. Among these, the distribution static compensator, dynamic voltage restorer, and power quality conditioner. In this project, a fuzzy logic controller with reference signal generation method is designed for PQC and compared its performance with artificial neural network based controller. This is used to compensate current and voltage quality problems of sensitive loads. The results are analyzed and presented using Matlab/Simulink software
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